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Petko Vatev

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    23 years
    175.00 cm
    • I attended theater school for 3 years.
    • I have worked on 3 shows that have been played to diverse audiences.
    • I have been in the folklore field for 15 years, as a dancer and musician /plays the gudulka and drum/. We have performed holiday concerts both in Bulgaria and abroad.
    • Since 2019, I have been an animator and actively entertain children and adults. I enter various roles /acting and dancing/, every summer night I am on stage and the spotlight is on me One of the main roles is the tall man / I walk on stilts with a height of 3.00-3.50 m./, my most recent skill is playing with fire / poi, staf, lewiland, etc…/
    • I have a driver's license and I drive the car skillfully. I'm also good on the track in the winter months with skiing and in the summer I'm good at kayaking and boating as well as swimming.
    • I'm developing in acrobatics, and for now I'm perfecting walking on my hands.

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