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Sandra Kancheva

Sandra Kancheva

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    29 years
    183.00 cm

    As a young girl, I had the opportunity to professionally perform folk dance, giving concerts in front of large crowds, with my most memorable performance being at a concert at the National Palace of Culture. I also displayed my singing and dancing skills during concerts at a young age. I competed in matches in front of live spectators during my thirteen years as a professional tennis player. I am currently involved non-professionally in improvisational theatre, with several improv stage shows under my belt. I am currently also working on voice-over projects. I have experience as an extra in documentaries and feature films. I am a business professional by education. I speak fluent English and Bulgarian. My German is pretty good, and I have a basic knowledge of Spanish. I have lived one year in Spain, two in America, and four in Germany, gifting me with an international viewpoint.

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