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About us

About us

The CASTING PLATFORM is a subscription service for a direct connection between artists and business clients. It enables film and TV producers, directors, photographers, advertising agencies and more to hire artists from all over Bulgaria for their projects, without an intermediary. This is possible by phone and/or email of the artist, as specified in his or her profile, or by requesting a video or photo casting by the SMART CAST team.

The CASTING PLATFORM doesn’t take from the actor's fees. The direct contact between the client and the artist means bilateral negotiation for the best conditions for both parties for work on a project, and the actor receives 100% of the agreed upon fee according to the timetable and conditions agreed to by the two parties.

The CASTING PLATFORM guarantees all artists visibility of their profiles to key clients in the advertising and film industry, full information regarding the conditions and payment provided by the client for projects, as well as open announcement of the artists selected by the castings. The artists in the platform have free access to up-to-date information about all current castings, to have the opportunity to personally choose projects and participate in castings for them, as well as a real chance to be selected.

                        ✅ ONLINE REGISTRATION for artists

Business clients using the platform are leading Film and TV producers, film studios, production companies, directors, photographers, advertising agencies, creative studios, marketing and digital agencies, online stores, fashion brands, restaurants, event companies, event organizers, product manufacturers, service providers, etc. The projects which are made with artists from the casting platform are: TV commercials, film productions, TV series, voiceover recordings, music videos, online commercials, corporate videos, advertising photo shoots, stock photography, product and corporate events, exhibitions, social initiatives, copyright projects and more.

                        ✅ ONLINE REGISTRATION for clients