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Nataliya Velchova
Characters, Talents, 19 years

Diyan Atanasov
Characters, 29 years

Plamen Gezenchov
Characters, 24 years

Andrés Rivera
Characters, 32 years

Veronika Marinova
Characters, 33 years

Mihaila Dragoeva
Characters, 37 years

Ivana Stoyanova
Characters, 19 years

Petar Gerzilov
Characters, Talents, 30 years

Angel Peychinov
Characters, 28 years

Nina Sarieva
Characters, 55 years

Mariana Bliznakova
Characters, Talents, 23 years

Fatmegyul Mustan-Borisova
Characters, 32 years

Darina Velichkova
Characters, Talents, 32 years

Natalia Sirakova
Characters, 31 years

Miglena Hristova
Characters, 41 years

Patrisia Kacarova
Characters, 15 years

Bilyana Mollova
Characters, 42 years

Nikolay Genov
Characters, 41 years

Ceca Plachkova
Characters, 52 years

Diana Kirilova
Characters, 38 years