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Valery Paharska

Valery Paharska

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    18 years
    168.00 cm

    ● Vocal group "Vokapella" at the American College in Sofia (2019-2024)
    ● Musical at the American College in Sofia (2021-2024)
    ● Volleyball team of American College in Sofia (2019-2024)
    ● Talent School/ Acting Studio "Arte" (2011-2023)
    ● Vs Dance (dance studio) (2020 - 2024)
    ● Playing the piano in the instrumental studio of the American College in Sofia
    ● Singing in the vocal group "Radiodetsa" in BNR (2010-2017)
    ● I played for the volleyball teams "Achilles" (2015-2017) and CPVK (2017-2019)
    ● The housekeeper in the play "Boeing-Boing" by Mark Camoletti (2022/3)
    ● The Director in the play "Balkan Syndrome" by Stanislav Stratiev (2021/2)
    ● Mrs. Scarlett in the play "Clue" by Jonathan Lynn (2019-2021)
    ● Dragana and cleaner in the play "Larry Thompson - the tragedy of a youth" by
    Dusan Kovacevic (2018/9)
    ● Enkhna in the play Fools by Neil Simon (2017/8)
    ● Anita and Indio in the play "West Side Story" by Leonard Bernstein (2016/7)
    ● Romka and Crocodile in the play "Sumatoha" by Yordan Radichkov (2015/6)
    ● Snow White in the play "The Dwarf and the Seven Snow Whites" by Stefan Tsanev (2014/5)

    Dance Scholarship 2022/2023
    ● Compliment from the owner of Vs Dance
    ● Prioritized me as a performer
    ● Rewards my effort and professionalism
    Dance competitions
    ● Dance Championship "Elite" 2021 (national character) - 1st place
    ● Rhythm of the heart 2022 (national character) - 1st place
    ● Thessaloniki Dance Festival (dance festival in Solen) 2022 (international
    character) - 2nd place
    ● World of Dance 2022 (international nature) - 2nd place
    ● Unity Jam 2022 (national character) - 4th place
    ● Dance Championship "Elite" 2022 (national character) - 2nd place
    ● Thessaloniki Dance Festival (dance festival in Solen) 2023 (international
    character) - 3rd place
    ● South Dance 2023 (national character) - 1st place
    Bulgaria is looking for talent (2021)
    ● Participation with Viktor Kazakov
    ● We reached the semi-finals
    Scene by the sea - acting festival in Pomorie (2023)
    ● Acting Award for the role of the Housekeeper in the play "Boeing-Boing" from the Actors Studio "Arte"
    Bulgarian TV series "Where's Maggie?" (2012)

    ● As Maggie's youngest sister
    Advertisement for Gorna Oryahovitsa Sugar Factory (2013)
    Fashion Show Warm Up Featuring 50 Cent (2022)
    ● Place: "New Boyana" film studio
    ● Working with a choreographer outside of Vs Dance
    Warm Up Central See (2022)
    ● Casting from Vs Dance
    ● Adaptation was of great importance
    ● We had to change all the figures due to a problem with the DJs
    Participation in the New Year's program of BNT (2022)
    ● We had to learn 5 choreographies in 3 days
    ● Improvisation was required due to a mismatch in the music we had
    Extra in a clip for "The Voice of Bulgaria" (2022)
    ● no rehearsals (only explanation on the spot)
    F.O. 10 years on stage (2022)
    ● We filmed the official music video for F.O.'s latest song. , "Unforgettable"
    ● Participation in his concert (going on stage - 4:00 at night)
    Choreographers' Carnival (2022)
    ● Working with a small ensemble
    ● We featured Vs Dance

    The Nikolaus Tsitiridis Show
    ● Multiple all-day shooting days
    ● Video with the Bulgarian singer Dara for the Christmas Show 2022
    ● Beach clip for the show's 2022 summer break
    I performed the Bulgarian national anthem at the American Embassy on the occasion of the 4th of July celebration (2023)

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