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Hristomir Yordanov

Hristomir Yordanov

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    18 years
    183.00 cm

    Certificate for successfully completed film acting course "In front of the camera like in Hollywood" by Dimitar Marinov
    Certificate from the "TENETS" theater studio with teacher Vanya Mineva
    Participation in the series "With a river of the heart" with the role of Danny, directed by Martin Makariev; Participation in a theatrical performance with an excerpt "We will not pay" with the role of Giovanni, directed by Ivan Rangelov; Participation in a concert with a monologue "Honey Loaves" with the role of Jimmy, directed by Ivan Rangelov; Participation in a Christmas concert of the "Yordan Radichkov" PGCE with a monologue and an excerpt; Participation in the play "Harun's Tale" with the role of Harun, directed by Irina Florova; Participation in a concert at the community center "Tsvyat" with the role of Peshe, directed by Vanya Mineva; two 2nd places in the Spring one 3rd place in the Autumn and 5th place in the BEST English National Speech and Debate Competition in the Duo category (theatrical interpretation).
    I have been acting since I was young, and over the years I have gone through: theater school with director Ivan Rangelov, acting with director Irina Florova and theater studio with director Vanya Mineva.
    I have been doing Latin dance for two years. I actively practice swimming and am involved in photography. I've been playing the guitar for half a year. I speak English.

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