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Anna Dimitrova

Anna Dimitrova

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    31 years
    158.00 cm


    2021 - "The Shadows of Our Souls", directed by Prof. Dr. Velimir Velev, actress
    2021 - "Tobacco stories - a virtual walk in the tobacco district" - a project of the SNC "Theatre of Responsibility" in partnership with PU "Paisiy Hilendarski". Voice recording (narrator).
    2021 - "Aftermath" - presentation of Tsveta Ermenkova's new play - "Aftermath" to an audience at Bee Bop Café. Actress, stage reading.
    01.11.2020 - 30.11.2021. - "The value of life" - lecture on positive psychology, Temple Bar Plovdiv, directed by Prof. Dr. Velimir Velev. An actress. The project is part of a program at the NFK - Creative Initiatives 2020 - "Image and Likeness", directed by Prof. Dr. Velimir Velev, actress
    2019 - "The Legend of Arwen and Aragorn" by J. R.R. Tolkien - a one-act play, part of the program of the "Lost Age" fantasy festival. Actress/Director.
    2018-2019 - "There is joy" - an interactive performance by the Belgian traveling troupe Arts Nomades. The project was realized as part of the Plovdiv 2019 program and was performed both in Bulgaria and Belgium. An actress.
    2018 - "Friendship Invitation", author's project, actress and part of the team of the Theater of Responsibility.
    2016 – Diploma performance - "The Prompter of Fear" by Matei Vishniek, directed by Prof. Velimir Velev, actress.
    2015 - Educational performance - "Farce in the Bedroom" by Alan Ayckbourn, director: Assoc. Velimir Velev, actress.
    2014 – Educational performance - "Conversation in the Park" by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Prof. Violeta Gindeva, actress.
    2014 - Educational performance - "Glavanatsi" by Boyan Papazov, directed by Mihail Botevski, actress.
    2013 - Educational work on excerpts from "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare, "Marriage" by Gogol, "The Enemy" by St. L. Kostov, actress.
    2012 - OPC Troyan - "The Window" by Ray Cooney, directed by Stoyan Georgiev, actress.
    2011 - OPC Troyan - "Duel: by Ivan Vazov, directed by Stoyan Georgiev, actress.
    2010 - OPC Troyan - "Letter from Paris" by Pancho Panchev, directed by Stoyan Georgiev, 2008. - OC Teteven - "Discovering the island of Lubomir" by Pancho Panchev, actress.
    2008 - ODC, Teteven - "Discovery of Lubomir Island", actress.

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