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Antoaneta Dobreva - NETI

Antoaneta Dobreva - NETI

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    48 years
    180.00 cm

    Antoaneta Dobreva – Neti

    Antoaneta Dobreva, better known by her stage name Neti, is a Bulgarian pop singer and

    Early years

    She is born on 14th September 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her parents are Svetla Dobreva,
    associate professor of physics, and Georgi Dobrev, doctor of internal medicine.

    In 2019, she found out she was adopted by them. In reality, her father is the actor Petyo
    Krastev, and her mother is Jilda Parvanova, who for many years could not contact Neti
    because she was misinformed that her child's adoptive father was Svetla Dobreva's brother
    and not herself.

    As a child she studied piano and participated in the Children's Radio Choir, with conductor
    Academician Hristo Nedyalkov. She has been involved in theatre since 1989. Her first role
    was in the play "Awesome Girls", staged at the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" in Sofia.


    In 1994-1996 she worked as a model.

    In 2000 she graduated in acting for drama theatre at “Krastyo Sarafov” National Academy for
    Theatre and Film Arts in the class of Professor Stefan Danailov, Associate Professor Ilia
    Dobrev and Ivaylo Hristov with full honours. From the same year she joined the troupe of
    the Bulgarian Army Theatre.

    She has performed in productions of "Hedgehog," "Yesterday," "Edmund," "The Importance
    of Being Earnest," "Chauffeur for Ladies," "The Graduate," "All That Jazz," "A Chorus Line,"
    "Out of Control," "The Collection," "The Iron Chandelier," "Decameron," "Romeo and Juliet,"
    "Bandit Opera," "Casting," "Comedy of Errors," "Beautiful Bodies," "Barefoot in the Park,"
    "The Philanderer," "Dangerous Games," "Great Guys," "Step Up," and "Oliver".

    Musical career

     Instruments - vocal
     Lyric soprano voice
     Pop, opera, operetta and musical

    Her activity in the musical field stretches from year 2000 till the present moment, including
    various performances and stages around Bulgaria, including the cities of Sofia, Pleven, Stara
    Zagora, Varna, Plovdiv. A related artist of hers is Dobrin Dimitrov Vekilov, better known by
    his stage name Doni, who is a famous Bulgarian pop singer, composer, songwriter and actor.

    On 20 December 2013 in Bulgaria Hall in Sofia under the conductorship of Maestro Emil
    Tabakov and with the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra she took part in a concert
    performance of Alexander Vladigerov's musical “The Wolf and the Seven Goats”.

    Occasionally, though rarely, Neti participates in the dubbing of animated films. She voiced
    Selena Gomez as Princess Selenia in “Arthur and Malthazar's Revenge” and “Arthur and the
    War of the Two Worlds”, Ellie Kemper as the Flower Smurf in “The Smurfs: The Lost Village”,
    and Gina Rodriguez as Kolka in “The Little Step”.

    On 8 March 2018 she made her debut in the opera "La Boheme" by Giacomo Puccini, in the
    role of Musetta, at the Stara Zagora Opera House. On 26 October 2018 the opera "The
    Beautiful Elena" by Offenbach premiered at the State Opera Stara Zagora. On 4 June, Neti
    performed her third operatic role as Serpina, in the chamber opera “The Servant Mistress”
    by Pergolesi, at the Stara Zagora State Opera.

    In 2019, she obtained her Master's degree at the The National Academy of Music “Prof.
    Pantcho Vladigerov”, which is the most authoritative higher education music school in
    Bulgaria with the oldest, best established and most efficient professional traditions. It
    focuses on the potential and achievements of the most significant, renowned artists in this
    area in the same amount today, as it has done in the past. Its graduates win top prizes in
    prestigious international competitions and take part in international music initiatives.

    Neti has toured Ukraine, Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, the United States,
    Canada and Spain.

    In 2020, she participated in the second season of the television Show “The Masked Singer”
    as a guest participant. In the first season of the Bulgarian television Show "Dancing With The
    Stars" she qualified as a finalist. She also qualified as a finalist in one of the most popular
    Bulgarian tv Shows in the last 10 years “Kato dve kapki voda”/ "Like Two Drops of Water",
    which is a Bulgarian version of the show "Tu cara me suena"/"Your Face Sounds Familiar",
    developed by Endemol and Antena 3. In Bulgaria, it began airing in the spring of 2013 on
    Nova TV as a production of Magardich Halvajian's company Global Films. Since then, the
    show has been a part of the spring TV schedule every season. The show features celebrities
    (actors, singers, TV presenters and other showbiz personalities) who imitate world-famous
    and national artists from the music scene for 3 months. For the imitation, they have to
    behave like them in appearance (from the video or concert performance), behavior, voice
    and chase the resemblance "like two drops of water".


    Neti has been awarded in all the fields in which she works. She has won prizes as an actress,
    as well as a singer and a model.

     Maxim Award for Female Lead ("Shoot the Artist")
     Icarus Award for theatrical debut ("The Importance of Being Earnest");
     Maxim Award for Supporting Actress ("The Collection");
     Award from BG Radio in 2002 ("Tonight I'm beautiful", together with Doni);
     First place in the "Best model" competition in 1995.

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