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Elizabet Zaharieva

Elizabet Zaharieva

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    17 years
    170.00 cm

    I am Elizabeth Dimitrova Zaharieva.
    I speak English and Russian.
    I am studying French and Italian.
    I am professionally engaged in pop and jazz singing.
    I play piano and study drums.
    I am a semi-finalist in "The Voice of Bulgaria" 2023.
    For the ninth year, I am among the successful children of Bulgaria at the Dimitar Berbatov Foundation.
    I am a scholarship holder and laureate of the Grand Prize in the field of arts for grades 9-12.
    I am a recipient of the prestigious UNESCO trophy for achievements in the field of Art. In 2022, at the World Awards in Dubai, I was awarded the "Best Young Artist in the World" award.
    My stage performances started at the age of 4.
    Since then I have been constantly participating in national and international competitions, festivals and TV-formats.
    I have experience modeling since early childhood.
    Besides my musical skills - singing, piano and drums,
    I have been an event host.
    I've been boxing recently.

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