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Cvetelina Markova

Cvetelina Markova

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    24 years
    163.00 cm

    1. Education
    - Higher education - "Acting for Drama Theater" Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarski"

    -Secondary education - National High School for Stage and Screen Arts - Plovdiv

    2. Performances:
    - "Pigs" - directed by Ivo Ignatov-Kenny, Hand Theater
    - "One Big and Seven Small" - director Ivo Ignatov-Kenny, Hand Theater
    - "THE ART OF STUPIDING" - directed by Teddy Moskov (graduation performance 2022), PU- Educational Theater
    - "Red Nose News - directed by Ivo Ignatov-Kenny, Hand Theatre
    - "Animals" - directed by Ivo Ignatov-Kenny, Hand Theater
    -2019- "Misunderstood Civilization" -dir. Ivo Ignatov-Kenny, Hand Theater
    - 2019- "King Yubu" - directed by Teddy Moskov

    3. School productions:
    - 2018 "The Deer King" - Carlo Gozzi - graduation performance at NGSEI - directed by Zoya Capon
    -2018 "Notes of the soul" - (a performance composed of monologues) - directed by Dimitar Atanasov-Shrata
    - "Life" - (Shadow Theater) - annual performance at NGSEI - directed by Sonya Boteva

    4. Work
    - 6 months under the "Melpomena" program at Puppet Theater Plovdiv.
    -The three brothers and the Golden Apple
    - The best gift
    -Wild Swans

    5. I participated in a music video

    6. I shot videos for performances at the Hand Theater

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